Why Play Pandora MU


First of all, we would like to thank you for having interest in visiting our website and playing on our server.

Pandora MU is here for several reasons, not for other reasons, and we hope you will appreciate it!

It's a private MU Online server, founded in 2007. Not for testing server files, not because someone asked me to, and definitely not to setup a money maker, unlike, sadly, most of other server owners nowadays.

How this all started? Well, with me being a very active MU player on both retail and private servers and I wishing to create something where I could handle things in ways I consider proper, and as my friends and other MU players would love to. We are constantly improving and hope to become "the place to be" when it comes to private MU servers. Every update we do, may take slightly longer to complete, because we always put quality before quantity and the process has to be logical, with a proper result (OCD much?)

We do not support custom items, NPCs or anything of that sort. Our donors cannot buy custom gear or any other benefit that a regular player cannot get. In our shop you'll find only weapons and armors +0+Luck and 3 Exc. Options or Sockets, nothing else. Here is a list of items that we never plan sell.


Fun (sad) fact, did you know that there are (a lot) of server owners out there that have over 5 (FIVE) servers (read domains)? Each with at least 3 sub-servers of different rates (they call them "flavors"), now the fun part is those communities usually have a life cycle of under 6 months, as their owners always have some "Grand" opening going on which makes the players shift from one sub-server or server, to another, and when their previously "Grand" opened is slightly emptier, they close it claiming it's underpopulated and you've guessed it, they open a new one (which they already had but went through the same suffering cycle at some point in the past).

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it, but you can, by choosing to play a server where dignity and community spirit are NOT dead.


Some of them claim big words... "professional", "premium", "quality", and yet they wipe databases as they are unable to do a simple upgrade from season to season, or they simply don’t bother trying. Just look at some of the Ad banners, they are painful to look at.

In 11 years Pandora MU had only 4 fresh starts, with our longest database lifespan nearing 5 years, after which we implemented major gameplay changes (such as No Wings at Web Shop) that would have been incompatible, given what players already had at that time.

With very few exceptions, most of the MU server administrators have 0 knowledge of the technicalities behind a server and the game client respectively. There are tons of help request topics on RaGEZONE and IGCN forums that clearly show that not only they have no clue what they are doing, but they are not even trying to learn or do a tiny bit of research. And lastly, there are the rich people that pay others to setup their server and configurations for them, needless to point out the lack of dedication such scenarios.

why care?

Since the beginning, our aim is to provide MU players with a decent quality free service and a community where they feel safe. Transparency is key, and don't have anything to hide.

What we ask from you in return is to only be nice with other players and to respect our rules.

"OK, but others players here already have resets and items and stuff?!"... If you are too comfortable starting given the things presented above, then this server may not be for you. I find it hilarious how people hate wipes but they also complain about starting on a long-term server. YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH, but if you join us, we guarantee you'll have a hell of a good time in no time. And if you have suggestions to make the start more enjoyable, let us know!

With this being said, are you in, or... are you out?

Kind regards,