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About Pandora MU Online Server


What's under the hood?

Dedicated Machine: Xeon E5 v4 CPU, 32 GB 2133 MHz RAM, Samsung 850 PRO SSD

Network: 1 Gbps Speed, 50 Gbps DDoS Protection, Low Latency Peering Routes

Location: Dallas, TX


Current Stable Version

Client: 1.18.89 (Full Season 13 KOR) (Pending)

Server: (1) (IGCN Premium Plus) (Pending)


Game Settings

Regular EXP: x500

Master EXP: x15

Drops: 40% (out of 100 random "drops", 40 will be items, 60 will be Zen)

Max. Regular Level: 400

Max. Master Level: 420

Max. Stats: 32767

Resets: At level 400, max. 100 resets and 2 resets/hour, costs 1m Zen * total resets, rewards 10 Valor Points, everything stays

Grand Resets: At level 400 and 100 resets, costs 100m Zen, rewards 1500 Valor Points, all stats and resets are taken


Upgrade and Chaos Machine Rates

Jewel of Soul apply rate: 50% (75% if items have Luck)

Jewel of Life apply rate: 60%

CM Items +10 to +15: 90% to 65% (1)

CM Pentagrams +10 to +15: 75% to 50% (1)

Level 2 Wings / Capes: Max. 80% (2)

Level 2.5 Wings / Capes: Max. 80% (2)

Level 3 Wings / Capes: Max. 70% (2)

(1) Every stage decreases chance by 5%, also -25% if items have no Luck

(2) Rate depends on the quality of items used in the mix



Erohim: 90m HP, respawns in 12h after kill

Kundun: 150m HP, respawns in 12h after kill

Balgass: 1.5b HP, respawns daily at 12 AM and 12 PM (UTC)

Dark Elves: 450m HP, respawn daily at 12 AM and 12 PM (UTC)

Nightmare: 450m HP, respawns in 24h after kill

Maya Hands: 105m ~ 120m HP, respawn in 24h after kill

Medusa: 234m HP, respawns in 24h after kill

Selupan: 144m HP, respawns in 24h after kill


This document is a work in progress, more information and updates will be made soon!

Community Chat and Live Support
Currently this is only one server.