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We're happy to announce that starting this month, we will have a completely different Vote Rewards system.
The idea behind this change is to motivate more players to compete, for more "certain" rewards.
This way there will be no discrepancies, it gives room for error (if a topsite has an issue and such) and everyone gets something useful if they vote properly.

Top Voter Thresholds and Ranks:
Missed 5 votes (12h) or less: Lead Generator
Missed 7 votes (24h) or less: Master of CAPTCHAs
Missed 14 votes (48h) or less: Pro Clicker

Lead Generator: xTBD Top Voter Reward Box
Master of CAPTCHAs: xTBD Top Voter Reward Box
Pro Clicker: xTBD Top Voter Reward Box

Top Voter Reward Box will contain:
- TBA (a variety of useful items with different rarity and rates)
- A very low rate for a "Symbol of Pandora" which can be exchanged for Luck, Random Option, Option replacement etc.

More details will be added soon, and as always, suggestions are welcome (backed by arguments).

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: ARCANA
Castle Lord: JONSNOW
Money: 23,448,649
Tax Hunt Zone: 10,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 23/02/2020


Status: Unprotected

Top Voters

At the end of each month, great rewards await the top voters!