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[12.16.2018] Hotfixes after the Siege:
- Guild members limit is now back to 80 and guilds per Alliance back to 3
- Fixed Castle Siege damage reduction
- HP has been re-tweaked for all classes as follows:
    * DW +0.4%
    * DK -26.1%
    * Elf +15%
    * MG +0.4%
    * DL -19.3%
    * SUM +2%
    * RF -33.7%
    * GL -43%
- Mana has been standardized accros all classes with only slight differences
- Attack speeds have been re-tweaked for all classes as follows:
    * DW +5.7%
    * DK +52.6%
    * Elf +15.2%
    * MG (ENE) +5.7%
    * DL -28.4%
    * SUM +14.5%
    * RF +0.3%
    * GL -14%
    * MG (STR) +14.7%

- Reverted (not fully) the Shield Gauge reduction
- Reverted the Elemental damage nerf
- Increased Elemental defense on all characters by 17%
- Reverted Seed Sphere of Attack Speed back to default values
- Decreased DW damage by 3% and increased defense by 2%
- Increased MG (Ene) damage by 34% and decreased defense by 20%
- Increased DL damage by 10% and decreased defense by 14%
- Decreased Summoner damage by 23% and increased defense by 11%

Any further tweaks and changes to Elemental damage or defense will be based on Pentagrams and Errtel options scaling.

- Fixed Damage scaling at lower stats
- Fixed Mace Stun and Durability ML
- SD Gauge will now be much lower so that ML and SD potions gain more importance
- Increased Maze EXP
- Nerfed Elemental damage
- Nerfed RUUD skills

The following changes are made to base damage and defense only:
- Decreased DW damage by 13% and increased defense by 6%
- Increased DK damage by 4% and decreased defense by 5%
- Decreased Elf damage by 37% and increased defense by 28%
- Decreased Summoner damage by 13% and increased defense by 6%
- Increased RF damage by 1% and decreased defense by 1%
- Increased GL damage by 7% and decreased defense by 11%

And special thanks and congratulations to BlueAngel for his linear interpolation formula which helped fix the scaling!

- Complete revamp of character formulas and major re-scaling of ML Tree (left to do 4th)
- Fixed Fire Burst attack distance
- Fixed SD recovery
- Fixed Dark Spirit and Characters Attack and Defense Success Rate (you'll see Miss more often now)
- Fixed Guide Quest quest completion and reward for players doing it in party
- Fixed high Reflect on Elemental damage
- Blocked ability to use combo while ridding a pet
- Fixed Rush skill attack range
- Fixed Zen Increase for Pet Unicorn
- Fixed potion use by MU Helper after level up
- Increased /post tax to 100m

The /post channel is not for chit chat, this way important trades / requests / questions will receive more focus and be visible for a longer period of time.

Castle Siege

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Castle Owner: Royal
Castle Lord: JHARIEL
Money: 4,104,526,238
Tax Hunt Zone: 300,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 15/12/2019


Status: Unprotected

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