Welcome to Pandora MU Online

We are a MU Online private server community established in 2007.

If you're wondering what makes us different and why it may be worth for you to play here, take some time and read our about and why pages.
And no, we won't go bananas about professionalism and 'premium quality' nonsense.

Duration: 4/25/2019 ~ 5/9/2019

Spring Bloom Event:

  • +25% Bonus EXP
  • Hunt monsters of level 48 (e.g. Atlans 2) or higher to obtain the Cherry Blossom Play-Box


A Cherry Blossom Play-Box can contain:

  • Cherry Blossom Wine/Rice/Flower Petal
  • x2 White / x5 Red / x15 Golden Cherry Blossom Branches
  • Jewel (Bless/Soul/Life)
  • MUUN Egg


During this Event the MUUN Egg can contain the following MUUN pets:

  • Normal: 
    • Torby
    • Cherry Blossom Spirit
    • Walker
    • Mooncake/Mortar Rabbit
  • Premium (rare drop):
    • Lucky/Astro Rabbit
    • Pilot
    • Evolution stones


A Cherry Blossom Branch can be (randomly) exchanged as follows:

  • x10 White → Bundled Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) x10
  • x50 Red → Excellent Accessories (Rings, Pendants, Quiver, Book)
  • x255 Golden:
    • Element Box
    • Sealed Bloodangel Items
    • RUUD
    • Garuda’s Flame


An Element Box can contain:

  • Talisman Element Change
  • Elemental Capsules (with Powder removed!)


Donation Rewards:

  • +20% more Pandora Points
  • x16 Cherry Blossom Play-Boxes for every $25 USD (contact us)

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: NoStresS
Castle Lord: Eradicate
Money: 6,000,000
Tax Hunt Zone: 300,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 26/05/2019


Status: Unprotected

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