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Today we rolled out a major PvP update for all classes. It currently covers base stats and skills.

It does not cover ML traits which will temporarily be kept on defaults.

This week will be experimental for PvP as we're fine tuning it, for this reason we recommend you to NOT make any changes to your equipment or ML tree during this time, as a lot of changes may occur.




Castle Siege

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Castle Owner: Mofos
Castle Lord: Miuki
Money: 208,897,533
Tax Hunt Zone: 300,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 31/03/2019


Status: Unprotected

Top Voters

! Reset Every Month

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 2000, 2nd: 1800, 3rd: 1600, 4th: 1400, 5th: 1200 [Pandora Points]