Welcome to Pandora MU Online

We are a MU Online private server community established in 2007.

If you're wondering what makes us different and why it may be worth for you to play here, take some time and read our about and why pages.
And no, we won't go bananas about professionalism and 'premium quality' nonsense.

We're happy to announce that starting this month, we will have a completely different Vote Rewards system.
The idea behind this change is to motivate more players to compete, for more "certain" rewards.
This way there will be no discrepancies, it gives room for error (if a topsite has an issue and such) and everyone gets something useful if they vote properly.

Top Voter Thresholds and Ranks:
Missed 5 votes (12h) or less: Lead Generator
Missed 7 votes (24h) or less: Master of CAPTCHAs
Missed 14 votes (48h) or less: Pro Clicker

Lead Generator: xTBD Top Voter Reward Box
Master of CAPTCHAs: xTBD Top Voter Reward Box
Pro Clicker: xTBD Top Voter Reward Box

Top Voter Reward Box will contain:
- TBA (a variety of useful items with different rarity and rates)
- A very low rate for a "Symbol of Pandora" which can be exchanged for Luck, Random Option, Option replacement etc.

More details will be added soon, and as always, suggestions are welcome (backed by arguments).

Duration: 4/25/2019 ~ 5/9/2019

Spring Bloom Event:

  • +25% Bonus EXP
  • Hunt monsters of level 48 (e.g. Atlans 2) or higher to obtain the Cherry Blossom Play-Box


A Cherry Blossom Play-Box can contain:

  • Cherry Blossom Wine/Rice/Flower Petal
  • x2 White / x5 Red / x15 Golden Cherry Blossom Branches
  • Jewel (Bless/Soul/Life)
  • MUUN Egg


During this Event the MUUN Egg can contain the following MUUN pets:

  • Normal: 
    • Torby
    • Cherry Blossom Spirit
    • Walker
    • Mooncake/Mortar Rabbit
  • Premium (rare drop):
    • Lucky/Astro Rabbit
    • Pilot
    • Evolution stones


A Cherry Blossom Branch can be (randomly) exchanged as follows:

  • x10 White → Bundled Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) x10
  • x50 Red → Excellent Accessories (Rings, Pendants, Quiver, Book)
  • x255 Golden:
    • Element Box
    • Sealed Bloodangel Items
    • RUUD
    • Garuda’s Flame


An Element Box can contain:

  • Talisman Element Change
  • Elemental Capsules (with Powder removed!)


Donation Rewards:

  • +20% more Pandora Points
  • x16 Cherry Blossom Play-Boxes for every $25 USD (contact us)

Dear Pandorians,
With the latest s13 tweaks, changes and advertising, we see that soon we will need new staff members. The people interested in assuming that responsibility feel free to redact a short paragraph explaining why to “ragnaros@pandoramu.com”.

[GM] Responsibilities:
- Be friendly and preferably patient.
- Enforce the rules, to keep a clean and civil community avoiding unnecessary harsh punishments.
- Host scheduled GM events.
- Moderate Discord and Forums
- Input fresh ideas for a better game experience.
- Read and triage Support Tickets and Bug Reports 

[GM] What builds your score:
- First and the most important, you must be neutral while on your GM character, and reply to everyone respectfully and when inevitable firmly.
- Secondly, as this is an international server, your English typing skills must be advanced and formal.
- You must have a clean record, no previous bans or various disputes with other players.
- You must know the game mechanics, PvP, monsters, events, drops, quests etc., in order to be able to offer support and help novice players.
- You must be active at least 5 hours per week as MM. Preferably matching a schedule.
- You must have a cool temper and be unbiased, at any time, never take things personally and act swiftly without getting into arguments.
- You must not abuse your GM privileges, like helping yourself or your friends to gain ANY advantage.
- The kind of person you are is what matters rather than any GM experience or Donation.

We will notify the selected applications via discord PM

Thanks in advance for your interest,
Pandora MU Staff

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: NoStresS
Castle Lord: Eradicate
Money: 6,000,000
Tax Hunt Zone: 300,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 26/05/2019


Status: Unprotected

Top Voters

At the end of each month, great rewards await the top voters!