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We're happy to announce:
- Our Web Shop is open once again!
- Better donation bonus stages
- The minimum amount is now USD 10

- SX option items (new sets with new exc. options) are temporarily disabled until our web developer resolves the compatibility with the web shop
- Pentagrams are disabled because we want them to only be available with 4 empty slots, and work your way from there. Currently, the web only supports selecting actual errtels
- Divine weapons (the old ones) are currently not available to purchase as we plan to nerf their stats back to how they should be (like on Season 3), this requires a client update as well and base price are also relies on item stats

A full list of items that we never plan to sell is available here:

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: Mofos
Castle Lord: Miuki
Money: 208,897,533
Tax Hunt Zone: 300,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 31/03/2019


Status: Unprotected

Top Voters

! Reset Every Month

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 2000, 2nd: 1800, 3rd: 1600, 4th: 1400, 5th: 1200 [Pandora Points]