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Dear Pandorians,

Starting on the 1st day of every month at 6:00 AM (UTC) and ending on the 8th day at the same hour, the First Week Voting Frenzy is an event made to be highly rewarding for those who dedicate their time to voting properly as well as helping us grow and keeping a stable rank on the topsites.


There will be only 3 winners with the following rewards:

#1 - 90 Jewels of your choice (3 bundles) + 10 ToCA + Level 3 wings of choice + Luck + a random.org option

#2 - 60 Jewels of your choice (2 bundles) + 5 ToCa + Black Fenrir

#3 - 30 Jewels of your choice (1 bundle) + 3 ToCA + Blue Fenrir


Smash those topsites and grab the rewards, good luck!


Note: The winners are announced on our Discord on the #events channel.

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: Dominion
Castle Lord: Deads
Money: 70,764,464
Tax Hunt Zone: 0
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 19/08/2018


Status: Unprotected

Top Voters

! Reset Every Month

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 2000, 2nd: 1800, 3rd: 1600, 4th: 1400, 5th: 1200 [Pandora Points]