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We are a private server community established in 2007.

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We have a surprise!

It’s been a long run already for Pandora MU, we had some good and bad times but we’re still up and running and even better than before. Everything cycles from time to time, but now we’re introducing the best S13 experience with our own custom features and unique system.

We want you back, our good ol’ loyal community is waiting for you, friends you knew in this
11yo adventure and new Pandorians with awesome potential. A great community with a well-experienced staff team that has perfected, a server standing for itself, one that you can call home! Please take the time to see below, a list of a small portion of what this update has in store for you!


Full Season 13 (Part 1-2)

New Content:

  • 4th Class Evolution and Quests
  • Level 4 Wings and Combination (the real ones!)
  • Holy Angel Weapons Upgrade
  • Mastery Awakening Set Upgrade
  • Deep Dungeon Map and Monsters
  • Shadow Swamp Map and God of Darkness Boss
  • Skill Enhancements (4th “Tree”) and Debuff Effects
  • Rage Fighter Skill: Spirit Hook
  • Maximum Level 920 (400 Normal + 520 ML)
  • Mini-game: Jewelry Bingo
  • Favorite Maps and Quest Guide System
  • MU Helper Functions and Revised UI
  • Party System and Leader Controls (Teleport)


Bugs Fixed:

  • Chaos Machine Combination Failures
  • Intel HD Graphics Transparency
  • Chat Overlaying Other UI Elements
  • Skills that Cannot be Cast after Reset due to Level Requirements
  • Stun on Reflect
  • Walls Pushback at Siege


Gameplay Changes:

  • Added Non-PvP sub-server (PvP will now have +10% EXP, +10% more Drops, -10% Monster HP)
  • Removed Level Dependency in EXP calculations, you can now Reset just as Quick regardless of Class or Level
  • Reorganized All Drops, Bosses and Events Schedule (including RUUD points gaining)
  • Reorganized All NPC Shops to make them More Friendly for New Players
  • Turned Off Golden Fenrir Custom Benefits (previously +33% Damage and +10% Defense)
  • All damages have been squished, player damage should no longer exceed 100k
  • Potion Stacks have been increased to 50
  • Unified Warp Level Requirements across Classes
  • Scaled the new SX options with Higher Values to be fit for a Full Stats Server
  • Attack Speeds have been Greatly Reduced (Read the Full Changelog to Find out Why)
  • All Monsters that yield Master EXP have been scaled accordingly to the Average Progression of Classes on their way to Full Stats
  • Disabled Annoying Buff Messages ("Stronger effect...", "Skill cast..." etc.)

To view the full changelog click here.

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: Royal
Castle Lord: JHARIEL
Money: 24,709,115,513
Tax Hunt Zone: 300,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 19/01/2020


Status: Unprotected

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