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Part of the next update will be our 2019 schedule:


We have planned a series of updates that will refresh the game economy and make the game more rewarding, even for casual players. This will include X Shop changes, better Valor Points sourcing and the new Grand Reset requirement (at 60 RR).

However, to ensure these changes are successful, all current Valor Points will have to be cleared. But because we know an update is no good if players must lose something for it to happen we want to give you plenty of time to think through and spend your current VP wisely.

A three days prior notice will be given before the update (currently no ETA).

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: Mofos
Castle Lord: Miuki
Money: 208,897,533
Tax Hunt Zone: 300,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 31/03/2019


Status: Unprotected

Top Voters

! Reset Every Month

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 2000, 2nd: 1800, 3rd: 1600, 4th: 1400, 5th: 1200 [Pandora Points]