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Dear players,


Tomorrow evening (UTC), Sunday after Castle Siege, we are moving to S15 public beta for the main server.

All your skills will be reset so you should take screenshots of your 3rd/4th ML builds and stock up on skills (orbs, scrolls etc.).

As we are forced to do this earlier because the license authentication system will no longer work for S13, bugs, various issues and things you may not like are to be expected. We'll fix those over the next 2 weeks, that's why a public beta is better as more players = faster discovery of problems.

Backups will be made every hour to minimize losses in case we need to rollback (e.g. someone finds a super spot or FO drops, or just drops, that shouldn't come easy or at all)

More details will be added as needed.

Thank you.

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: ARCANA
Castle Lord: JONSNOW
Money: 24,067,699
Tax Hunt Zone: 10,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 23/02/2020


Status: Unprotected

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