S12 cumulative update
Important decisions! Your feedback will be much appreciated.
Posted 05 / 07 / 2017

The previous forum poll didn't get enough results to reflect the general choice, so we created this new poll, available to everyone, in hopes to make a decision before this week ends.

Click the link below and vote, but before doing so, please take a moment to review your option, the following poll will determine what we'll use on the actual server!




Thank you!

Latest Updates and Maintenance
Posted 02 / 07 / 2017

// Website
- Added Market and Web Warehouse (https://www.pandoramu.com/market)
- Added Mastery Points reassigning
- Added a list of all items contained in X Shop packages (https://www.pandoramu.com/x-shop)
- Added back Grand Resets (100 Resets for 1500 Valor Points)
- Added new Rankings: Top Voters, BC, DS, CC, Duels
- Fixed the Reset Stats, this time hopefully covering all scenarios
- As a temporary fix Activity Rewards have been reduced to 250.000 Zen / hour

// Game
- Added notifications for Boss and Golden Monster kills
- Added /offtrade feature (remain online with a Store open, even when the game closed)
- Removed the limitation for gaining Level Points after 30 Resets
- Enabled trading of items with Harmony options
- Fixed bugged Ancient Pendant of Fire drops (it didn't actually exist in-game, so we will delete all at maintenance)
- Fixed random disconnects in some rare scenarios
- Reduced Guard talk chance to a minimum, becomes annoying if too often

// Other
- Server OS updates, housekeeping and machine restart

Monthly Voting Rewards - Updated
Posted 01 / 07 / 2017

We reward the top 10 voters at the end of every month, automatically.

From now on the monthly vote reward will be given as Pandora Points using the following formula:

Value after percent of Your Total Votes * 10 PP, with first place being at 100% and 10th place being at 10%

Example: if PlayerA has 120 votes and is #1 they will get 1200 PP, while PlayerB has 90 votes and is #10 they will get 90 PP

June winners list (on the old VP reward system):

1. HelloBaby
2. Agemon
3. Strike
5. Orko
6. mjlyn
8. Sketchy
9. ErathieL
10. Umaroth

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