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Changelog 9/29/2017
Posted 29 / 09 / 2017

- System maintenance and clean-up
- Removed Anniversary Perks
- We decided to leave the increased CM rates (+10%) as default from now on
- Equalized Splinter of Armor and Bless of Guardian Drop rates and increased Claw of Beast drop rate by 10%
- Added top site
- All vote links will now reward 5 ~ 8 PP / vote (instead of 2 ~ 4 VP / vote), except for Top Servers 200 which is set to 3 due to its lack of vote validating function
- Starting with the next month top 10 voters will still get a monthly prize too, however, nerfed down a bit (still deciding upon a new formula, likely total votes * 5)

Hopefully this will encourage more people to vote, if done right this yields up to 1560 PP / month, without including the top 10 extra bonus.

Were now on Discord!
Posted 25 / 09 / 2017

Click the following link to join our new base of communications:

10 Years Anniversary Mode Activated!!!
Posted 10 / 09 / 2017

Dear pandorians,


Today we celebrate 10 years of existence!!! So it's only natural we must do it properly.

Only for the next 7 days (9/10 to 9/17) the following perks are ACTIVE:

- x800 EXP and x20 Master EXP (up from x500 and x10)

- Reset Cooldown reduced to 20 minutes (down from 30)

- Each reset will grant 10 PP and 10 VP, in addition to the regular GR VP reward

- Double Zen drops

- Item drop rate increase by 10%

- CM rates increased by 10%

- 50% more PP for donation rewards

- New players will start with 5000 free stat points (Warning: these will NOT be retained if you Reset Stats)


S12 is still on our roadmap and we will also try to fullfil all wishes on Aktaion's list within the next days.

"doom preachers" who say we wipe or not care or whatever, are just regular trolls. We paid our licenses for 1 year in advance already, so we ain't going anywhere, but unfortunately free time has been the real blocker lately.








Currently this is only one server.