23 June Changelog
Posted 23 / 06 / 2017

# Decreased Pentagrams and Mithrils drop rate

# Added 10 VP / event completion in BC and CC

# To help resolve the Green Ink "outage" Berserker Warrior spawns can now be found in Kanturu 3 at 73, 168 / 53, 135 / 96, 141

18 June Updates
Posted 18 / 06 / 2017

// Website
- Fixed the visual price difference when listing socket items
- Fixed XtremeTop100 validation issue
- Fixed Gtop100 vote reward
- Removed Top Servers 200 and replaced it with... (TBA)

// Game
- Existing Game Masters accounts will be decommissioned, and new recruitments will take place
- Fixed 3rd quest stages Level points reward (should reward 20, not 10)

// PvP
- Revamped everything and we're halfway there now
- Very important!!! Adjust accordingly before the Siege for maximum performance of your character
--> DK energy mult. will cap at 2400 energy
--> DL energy mult. will cap at 3000 energy
--> RF energy mult. will cap at 3010 energy, and is only useful for Dragon Roar or Dragon Slasher

Notice! We did NOT yet modify any ML related skills or attributes, so if "freezing", "stuns" etc. happen, we will take care of them later.

The current PvP setup is based on common in-game builds, made by you, the players, and is NOT finished or perfect, yet.

We've already spent the past 3 days on it, and it was killing our brains, but we'll manage to get it right in the end.

7 June Updates
Posted 07 / 06 / 2017

- Seed Spheres and Tetra Crystals are now dropping (L1 -> Icarus, L2 -> Kanturu, L3 -> Raklion, L4 -> Acheron (Debenter / Uruk / Nars)

- Lowered reset cooldown to 30 minutes (down from 2 hours)

- Fixed error on Store for socket items

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