Latest Changelog
Posted 27 / 06 / 2017

// Game

# Fixed Messenger Friend Chat function


// Website

# Fixed reset stats functionality precision, now it takes quests into account


We recommend resetting your stats if you're having doubts about total stats, or if you did Marlon quest late.

Latest Changelog
Posted 25 / 06 / 2017

// Website

# Fixed Weapon Skill names at the Web Store
# Fixed missing maps data
# Fixed Lancers display on rankings
# Fixed several CSS issues affecting pagination and layout (clean your browser's Cached images and files)


// Forums

# Our forums host is temporarily down for emergency maintenance:


// Game

We are almost done balancing characters.

Of course, we still have some fine tuning to do in some scenarios, but 75% of it is fully setup and tested, and we are happy with the results.


We have tested countless times in various setups, so for this reason we take the liberty to say this:

If something doesn't work as you expect, it's either because you have a bad stats build, lacking ML / bad ML build, improper equipment or simply lack of game skill.

Our new team!
Posted 23 / 06 / 2017

I'm proud to announce our new staff team format, the select few, members of "Operation Phoenix", an initiative we begun a few days ago, that aims to revitalize and rock everything from bottom to the top.

They are all Game Masters, but each has a specific role they excel at.


Aktaion (Toeter) as Team Leader, here to ensure planning, recruitment and constant improvement of our Game Masters

Erick (Ahmed) as Event Master, competitive ideas into practice, weekly events schedule, tournaments etc.

Arthas (Chance) as Rule Enforcer, here to analyse impact, explain, and submit improvements to our set of rules

Horotic, an "anonymous", but granted he's highly knowledgeable in MU gameplay and game mechanics, you can always count on his advice

Forsaken (Drew), the sidekick


They are here to help, to make the server and this community a better place for everyone to enjoy playing.

From here on we will have 0 tolerance for groundless statements, gossip, or people with a passion to undermine others.

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