Monthly Voting Event - Be the winner!
Posted 01 / 06 / 2017

As a refresher, because it wasn't advertised much before, we do have monthly vote prizes for people who reserve those few minutes to support us.

We reward the top 10 voters at the end of every month, automatically.

The system rewards #1 with 1000 VP and #10 with 100 VP, the rest is for you to determine :-P

May winners list, in descending order from #1:



And yes, we know some links are not properly validating, feedback has been sent to our developers and top admins to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In the mean time rest assured that we will manually reward those votes every Saturday until the issue is resolved.


Thank you and keep up the good work, let's get those ranks back!

[New] 21th May Maintenance (Completed)
Posted 21 / 05 / 2017

- Fixed the damage ratio between attackers and defenders at Siege
- Fixed Elf buffs duration (for Siege server at this moment, will be applied to regular servers at maintenance)
- Increased HP of Gates and Statues and the Damage of Cannon Towers
- Disabled PK on Siege server

[New] 18th May Maintenance (Completed)
Posted 18 / 05 / 2017

* Server security hardened against WannaCry
* SM damage increased by 58%

* ToCA price reduced to 75 PP (client side will still show old price until update)
* ToL price reduced to 50 VP (client side will still show old price until update)

* Chaos Machine upgrade rates (for all types of items) changed as follows:
+10: 100%
+11: 95%
+12: 90%
+13: 85%
+14: 80%
+15: 75%

The above are calculated with item +Luck and using Talisman of Luck


* Feather of Condor rate:
60% -> 75%

* 2.5 Wings rate:
70% -> 80%

* 3rd Wings rate:
60% -> 70%

* Socket Weapon rate:
40% -> 50%

[NEW] Changelog 27 March
Posted 27 / 03 / 2017

Changelog notes include:

- X Shop (not final, 70% complete, the most important items are available)

- Disabled friendly-fire to Pets at CS

- Revamped PvP and PvM damage and defense for all classes, from here on we will continue to work on balancing, but at least now we have a solid base (and no, it's not the one from the end of the Siege)

- Increased BK HP buff by 30%

- Increased Mana Shield by 11%

- Increased Elf buff effects by 233%

- Increased Berserker effect buff by 7%

- Decreased Weakness effect by 12%

- Decreased Innovation by 2%

- On-screen Message when a Boss or Golden Monster is killed

- Increased Jewel of Life apply rate

- Increased 2.5 and 3rd Wings Mix rate by 10%

[NEW] Changelog 19 March
Posted 19 / 03 / 2017

- Fixed Ice Storm range
- Fixed item drop ownership for specific monsters
- Fixed no options Wings mix issue
- Fixed server crash related to Castle Siege
- Fixed skill effects in friendly fire and non-PvP areas
- Fixed Pamela and Angela potion vendors in Deep Loren
- Fixed Castle Switches positions
- Increased HP of Gates, Statues and Towers at Castle Siege 
- Increased Mana Shield by 1%
- Increased Swell Life by 1%
- Increased BK damage by 1%
- Increased SM damage and defense by 10%
- Increased Elf damage and defense by 10%
- Increased RF damage by 2% (Dark Side by 5%)
- Increased GL damage by 3% (Shining Peak by 74%)


This is currently applied as a hot-patch only to the Siege server, for the regular server will be applied during the next planned maintenance.

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