Hosting - A change for the better
Posted 12 / 08 / 2017

Dear players,


For those who think nothing happens, we actually do most of our work in the background without posting every action (yes we know you like changelogs, we do too)

So, after a long (10 pages) ticket, that has been open for the past 2 weeks with our hosting provider, we received the replacement:

A better machine, with newer hardware (e.g. Skylake, DDR4, Samsung 850 Pro) and completely different network cabinet.


Also, our web is temporarily hosted on the main server machine in a VM, since our old host contract expired, and now we are moving them (website and forum) to a new, separate machine:

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 4 GB RAM, SSD drives


Hopefully this will resolve all connectivity issues, so that we can provide you with the smoothest service possible, wether you're playing the game, hammering markets or posting on our forums.

We will complete the migration around Monday or Tuesday next week, we'll try to make it as a normal maintenance, but just in case, a few hours of downtime should be expected.

We cannot delay it any further as we need the remaining time to finish S12 and prepare for the 10 years anniversary in September.


Thank you for your patience and trust,

PandoraMU Staff

Help us find the culprit!
Posted 08 / 08 / 2017

August 1 - News and Voting Winners
Posted 05 / 08 / 2017

Not much for now, if anyone was wondering where I disappeared... recent family events in real life brought grief for the past weeks.

For this reason I had literally no mood or time to work on the server, so we had to postpone S12 update for August.


In other news...

Forsaken will no longer be a part of our Staff team.

The winners for July Top Voter contest are:

1. HelloBaby    2370 PP
2. ErathieL    2233 PP
3. mods    2052 PP
4. BELDIN    1845 PP
5. MoHiS    1736 PP
6. Orko    1620 PP
7. Shovel    1505 PP
8. Strike    1385 PP
9. Sketchy    1074 PP
10. ELTIGER    968 PP


There was a small glitch with the reward system which resulted in rewards of 20k+ PP, it has now been corrected.

Special thanks to ErathieL, Shovel and ELTIGER for reporting the issue and not using the glitched points, for that reason, all your PP have been doubled.

Special "thanks" to all other who made full use of the massive reward and had me spend 2 hours removing items and recalculating points, your sense of "fairness" is "appreciated"

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