Network Drops Notice
Posted 03 / 03 / 2017

Dear pandorians,


After a firmware update of our network equipment, we are experiencing random connection drops, caused the a malfunctioning SIPS service.


We are currently working on a fix and it will be applied during our next maintenance.

Thank you.

[NEW] Changelog 01 March
Posted 09 / 03 / 2017

// Website and Forum
- Fixed Store issues with displaying Ancient items (shouldn't be purchasable)
- Fixed Accessories tab in the Store and enabled Level and +Option for Rings and Pendants
* Previously purchased Rings and Pendants will be upgraded automatically
- Removed duplicates of several items from the Store
- General forum cleanup
- Fixed and added more forum and website permissions for our Game Masters
- Fixed Recruit a Friend rewards for multiple recruits
- Enabled Voting and Vote Rewards (with monthly reward for top 10 voters)

// Game Server
- Fixed Kundun and Selupan drop catalog
- Fixed Pentagrams and Mithril Drops
- Decreased Monster's damage in Swamp and Acheron
- Fixed 2.5 Wings ingredients drops
- Fixed Golden Goblin spawn and enabled Summoning Books
- Fixed more "stuck on map" issues, hopefully all of them
- Fixed 2nd joining account on Event maps and Crywolf
- Corrected Damage for Skills with ML improvements
- Increased effect of Life Swell and Elf buffs
- Increased damage for Elf, Summoner and Dark Wizard
- Increased PK clearing difficulty, was waaay too easy

// Staff
- Due to the latest tensions in our community, Demi will no longer be active as a Game Master.

[NEW] Changelog 26 February
Posted 26 / 02 / 2017

// 04:12 UTC

We had to rush things up a little, as our renewals due dates are within the next week.

- Fixed forum emailing issues

- Enabled Web Store

- Enabled PayPal donations



1. Items come at +0! We strongly recommend TO NOT attempt to upgrade them at Chaos Machine without Talisman of Chaos Assembly (soon available at X Store, in-game), to preserve your item in case it fails.

2. Divine Weapons are available because they will be adjusted in-game, as their current stats are uprated for some reason, we'll restore them to their former and proper stats they had pre-season 8.

3. We have tested the items balance and the best way to go is to have 3 Excellent Options or 3 Socket Slots, not 2 and 3. For this reason, the current in-game events/bosses/drops items quality has been/will be increased/adjusted further. The 3 option/3 socket items will be obtainable from the Store (by donations) and from Chaos Cards (by Valor Points). X Store in-game will be available in the next 24 hours as of this moment.


Thank you for your understanding, GL; HF!


[NEW] Changelog 23 February
Posted 23 / 02 / 2017

// 15:51 UTC

- Added Gens Rankings and Online Players list
- Fixed website and forum emailing issues
- Fixed forum timezone
- Host OS updates and maintenance
- Filled Kanturu 1, 2, 3, 4 with Spots
- Enabled Crywolf/Balgass Event with proper stats and drops (2 times / day at 00:00 and 12:00)
- Enabled Nightmare Event with proper stats and drops
- Enabled MU Rummy mini-game and Card Piece drops
- Began ALL classes balancing (NOTE: in alpha stage / 1st attempt / adjustments may be required)
- Removed Luke the Helper until further tests and proper setup of Last Man Standing event
- Fixed level restrictions for gates and DL summon
- Fixed random disconnects and character stuck in map
- Disabled DL Summon for several event maps and Icarus

[NEW] Changelog 20 February
Posted 20 / 02 / 2017

// 4:15 GMT

- Fixed website scaling issues on various devices/browsers


// 17:05 GMT

- Added Reset Stats function on the web, for free
- Increased Zen drops
- Increased Jewels drops
- Fixed Firecracker and Starter Rings drops
- Fixed EXP issues with MG/DL/RF/GL
- Fixed teleporting to Events / CryWolf / Valley of Loren
- Fixed warps level mismatch
- Fixed GL skills drops
- Adjusted PK clearance speed when hunting Monsters, should be a lot easier now
- Nerfed RF and GL Damage
- Increased Elf and SM Damage


This announcement will be constantly updated.

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