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Posted 19 / 02 / 2017
Welcome to PandoraMU 2017
Posted 17 / 02 / 2017


First of all, on behalf of everyone in our community, I would like to thank you for your time and interest — we did our best to keep it simple.


Founded in 2007, and since then we made sure it stood out from the other cheap shot, Pay-to-Win private servers. Our most valuable asset is the community, and they don't need me to vouch for that. It will always stand for itself, and to quote one of my favorite novels, "Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.", you guys replace the keyword!


Season 10 Episode 3, with all the original features and game content that is available for this version, and of course, here we include the previous seasons too. No skins or any custom kitsch.

Regular EXP: x500
Master EXP: x10
Drops: 25%

Max. Level: 400 (+370 Master Levels)
Max. Resets: Unlimited
Level Points: 5 / 6 / 7
Reset Type: Keep Stats / Equipped Items / Quests etc.

Upgrade Rates for Excellent, Ancient, Socket and Pentagram items:
Jewel of Soul: 50% (+Luck: 75%)
Jewel of Life: 50%

CM +10: 55% (+Luck and ToL: 85%)
CM +11: 50% (+Luck and ToL: 80%)
CM +12: 45% (+Luck and ToL: 75%)
CM +13: 40% (+Luck and ToL: 70%)
CM +14: 35% (+Luck and ToL: 65%)
CM +15: 30% (+Luck and ToL: 60%)


Just one PvP server. No Premium, no Non-PvP and no PK clear on the website. Don't worry, unless you're on a killing spree, it will be easy to get rid of PK by killing monsters.

Plenty of monster spawns on every map, designed for skills of any range.

Better EXP when playing in a Party, real increased gains, by +5% and up to +30% compared to when playing alone.

On our Web Store, you will find no Wings. Only Sets, Weapons and Shields that can have max. 2 Exc. Options or 3 Sockets (Seed options not included).

Role-playing should be a vital part of PvP, in any game. For that reason, Level Points are gained up to 30 resets only, so we use the built-in Specialization Bonus and allow you to save different character builds on your account, to easily switch them as whenever necessary without having to reset your stats.

No Grand Resets. There's no difference and definitely nothing "grand" about them. Our players get rewarded for every reset, this gives more incentive to play and doesn't force you to go hardcore just to get a big reward, when the item you actually want to buy costs only half of that.

Good luck and have fun!

Account Registrations have opened!
Posted 16 / 02 / 2017

Get ready for this Sunday, create your account now and stay tuned for the updates.


Private beta test client coming soon, those who are interested to help testing, contact me on Skype.

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Currently this is only one server.