Update 15.9 10/05/2020

The non-ancient X Shop chests have been updated.

All items are now in a common drop rate section (still separate class groups, to avoid any confusion). We have made multiple tests and this yields much better randomization and a greater loot variety, compared to before.

Update 15.8 10/05/2020

Applied only to Siege for the moment:

  • Reduced R3 debuffs apply rate to a minimum, to 1% down from 10%
  • Durations of debuffs will now last from 5 to 15 seconds, depending on the debuff level and 5 to 10 seconds for Blind and Bleed
  • Bleeding scaled up 800 ~ 8800 damage/second
  • Blinding scaled down, 5% to 55% (down from 50% to 85%)
  • Attack speeds have been re-adjusted
  • Rune Wizard's Lightning Storm damage increased by 30%

We cannot nerf the Paralysis any better because there is no setting to adjust the 90% healing reduction.
In the next updates, we'll increase upgrade rates of Errtel levels (similar to CM) and introduce equal obtain rates across types, so you can get Bastion R2 (potential counter for Paralysis) and Punish R3.

Update 15.7 08/05/2020
  • Reverted scaling of damage and defense, attack speeds remain though
  • Decreased the chance interruption/scream when taking damage by 10%
  • Decreased the overall PvP damage by 10%
  • Decreased the max. stat specialization bonuses from 45% to 25%
  • The Non-PvP server is now accessible to everyone (monsters will be 10% stronger than PvP)
  • Accessory Boxes will now drop rings/pendants +15 +16/4% JoL options

A replacement procedure for those who got accessories +0 or +14 (from the Web Shop) will be announced soon.

Update 15.6 02/05/2020
  • Fixed Master Scroll of Battle/Strength disappearing during Siege event
Update 15.5 01/05/2020
  • Fixed Elemental damage scaling
  • PvP setup now also applies to the Siege server
  • Maintenance, cleanup and restarts
Update 15.4 25/04/2020
  • Fixed Mastery Items unsealing to regular Items and Conversions not keeping the options
  • Removed damage gap modifier for 4th class
  • Potentially fixed ML EXP gap for parties that are made of both 3rd and 4th class players
  • New experimental PvP setup for the main server (Siege remains the same for now)
  • Potentially fixed unwanted disconnections in some scenarios
  • Reverted the blocking of dash skills while riding Fenrir
  • SMs can now use skills while teleporting
  • Fixed fast durability decrease issue for selection of items
  • Fixed attack range issue for selection of AOE skills
  • Fixed "instant bingo" issue after Jewel Bingo game start
  • Fixed invalid attack behavior of Triple Shot skill
  • Fixed non-working 4th skill of increasing attack range
  • Fixed inability to gain mastery reward points in lower levels of events
  • Fixed monster issues in the last waves of Devil Square
  • Fixed Spirit Stone chaos mix combination price
  • Fixed demolish skill values mismatch in display in some gameplay areas
  • Fixed possible attack delays while using some skills
  • Fixed Inability to use Dark Horse from expanded inventory
  • Fixed Harsh Strike damage formula
  • Launcher updates are now delivered via a secure channel (HTTPS)
Update 15.3 22/03/2020
  • Fixed Mastery items losing their Luck or options during upgrade mixes
  • Fixed disconnection issues and improved latency handling (hopefully)
  • Disabled dash-type skills when Fenrir is equipped
  • /post now costs 50m Zen
  • PK restrictions have been increased:
    • It's now more difficult to clear PK
    • Warping costs more for Warning and Outlaw 1
    • Items from the inventory will drop off when dying (up to +15, 50% Outlaw 1 / 90% Outlaw 2)
    • Max. 3 PK in normal maps
    • You can't make party while PK Outlaw 1 or 2
Update 15.2 10/03/2020
  • Fixed reported X Shop issues
  • Fixed Socket weapons losing socket slots during the 380 to 400 upgrade
  • Fixed EXP from 400 to 401
  • Fixed various issues with items that cannot be used by Slayer
  • Updated C menu descriptions and Elemental page
  • Updated various tooltips to reflect actual values/contents
  • Chance of Mysterious Stone to add Luck on Mastery sets is now 100%
  • Updated RUUD Shop item names
Update 15.1 03/03/2020


  • You can now minimize the game to the tray using F11
  • Switch UI is now available (CPU and RAM usage of main.exe is reduced in this mode)
  • Completely recreated the X Shop
  • Scaled the current VP amounts to match the new X Shop prices
  • Master EXP increased from x15 to x50, because when we chose that value max. ML was 600 and now it's 1200!
  • The "highway to hell" 770 ~ 800 EXP range has been smoothed out
  • Reduced boosters of EXP and drop rate to half


  • Non-PvP Premium channel added
  • Reduced max. clients per computer from 5 to 3


  • Fixed a random issue where it was not possible to create a selected character class
  • Fixed client crash while opening cash shop in certain scenarios
  • Fixed mounts visual issues after using teleport or summon
  • Fixed inability to cancel a selection of buffs
  • Fixed occasional HP issue in specified scenario of MU Helper use


  • Reduced range of Earthshake and Electric Spike
  • Increased range of Evil Spirits
  • Fixed Rush skill issue while ridding a mounted pet
  • Fixed Combo skill issue while ridding a mounted pet
  • Fixed Combo damage not causing damage in a certain scenario
  • Fixed disconnect issue when attacking with selected skill types from long distance
  • Fixed delay issue for selection of skills


  • Added Arena spots and test dummies
  • Fixed Nix monster disappearance issue
  • Fixed Devil Square monsters spawn
  • Fixed an issue where monsters did not take damage if the attacker did not change its position from time to time
  • Fixed EXP issue between monsters of close levels


  • Added Burst Act to Eo the Craftsman (RW)
  • Added Darkness Parchment and Death Side Parchment to Marce (SUM)
  • Fixed RUUD price of Blue Eye Anvil
  • Fixed a conflict between Zyro and Marlon NPCs may spawn in the same place at the same time


  • Fixed monster counter for quests not displaying values above 255


  • Fixed Death Side Parchment location at the RUUD Store


  • Gremory Case items can now be claimed within 30 days
  • Mastery Reward Boxes will now reward 500/700/1000 RUUD
  • Labyrinth Boxes will now reward 150/200/300 RUUD
  • Added back Pentagram Box and Special Grain (Slayer only) for newly created characters
  • Fixed not working CTRL+Z with a selection of mount items
  • Fixed disappearance of more than 1 ToCA after successful item enhancement
  • Fixed EToCA does not disappear after mix completion
  • Fixed ToL not applying the 10% increased mix rate
  • Fixed Pet Unicorn not being equipable by Slayer
  • Fixed not visible set options on selected ancient items
  • Fixed selection of not working 4th wings options
  • Fixed Socket items losing socket slots during the 380 to 400 upgrade
  • Fixed Christmas Star not giving RUUD and VP
  • Fixed Spirit Stone Chaos Combination issues
  • Fixed Socket drops that would come with less than 3 sockets when pre-defined
  • Fixed inability to upgrade pentagram level when trade limit it 0
  • Fixed inability to repair Wings of Power
  • Fixed possible issues with expired Guardian items
  • Fixed Ancient Sets that do not display their options properly (still few affected)
  • Fixed Golden Fenrir tooltip
  • Fixed Harsh Strike mastery skill issues
  • Removed ability to make 4th and 5th rank Errtels