Update 16


Update 15



Noria, Devias and Elbeland Shops have been revised, I apologize to all Elves and Summoners for the prolonged anguish!

Update 14


  • Disabled Punish option versus Monsters
  • Core Magriffy:
    • It will now 100% drop EXC Blood Angel sets with 2 ~ 3 options (low rate) or Mount type MUUN that doesn't expire (Reppen, Griffs, Pawn)
    • The boss also drops Evolution Stones for the 3 MUUNs
    • The boss now respawns 2 times / day
  • Lord of Ferea:
    • It will now 100% drop EXC Dark Angel sets with 2 ~ 3 options (low rate) or a high-end Pentagram with 3 ~ 4 slots (low rate)
    • The boss now respawns 2 times / day
  • Nix:
    • It will now 100% drop EXC Holy Angel sets with 2 ~ 3 options (low rate) or a high-end Pentagram with 3 ~ 4 slots (low rate) 
    • Its elemental attribute will now be Water only
    • The boss now respawns 2 times / day
  • God of Darkness
    • It will now 100% drop EXC Awakening sets with 2 ~ 3 options (low rate) or a 15x Golden Sentence with low rate
    • Monster of Water now has its Element set to Water only
    • Monster of the Swamp now has its element set to Earth only
    • God of Darkness now has its element set to Darkness only
    • The boss now respawns 2 times / day
  • The 4 bosses mentioned above and their related adds have had their Elemental Defense reduced by 50%
  • The 4 bosses mentioned above drop items with a 50% chance for +Luck for the 2 option pool and 100% for the 3 options pool
  • High-end Pentagram stands for Harp, Orb and Lyra
  • Deleted all existing mount MUUNs from the server
  • Deleted all Garuda Flame from the server
  • Garuda's Flame now drops from Deep Dungeon 2 ~ 5 and Swamp of Darkness
  • Doubled the drop rate of Loch's Feather and Crest of Monarch (+ a slight extra rate for the Feather)
  • Revised EXC options pool rates, you will now get more useful options on items drops
  • Revised most of the Chaos Mixes (full changelog here:
  • Increased Talisman of Luck price to 70 VP
  • Increased Talisman of Chaos Assembly price to 85 PP
  • A client update for the visual change of X Shop price will be provided soon
Update 13



- Steel of Heaven drop rate increased to 5% (up from 1%) on main Bosses

Update 12



- Increased Jewel of Soul apply rate by 10%
- Decreased Jewel of Life apply rate by 5%
- Decreased /post price to 100m
- Kundun item drop rate is now 100% and 25% for Ancients

Update 11



- Fixed Pet Unicorn vending
- Disabled mini events and Battle Core temporarily, we will reorganize them properly and enable them on rotation, not all at once

Update 10



- Complete revamp of character formulas and major re-scaling of ML Tree (left to do 4th)
- Fixed Fire Burst attack distance
- Fixed SD recovery
- Fixed Dark Spirit and Characters Attack and Defense Success Rate (you'll see Miss more often now)
- Fixed Guide Quest quest completion and reward for players doing it in party
- Fixed high Reflect on Elemental damage
- Blocked ability to use combo while ridding a pet
- Fixed Rush skill attack range
- Fixed Zen Increase for Pet Unicorn
- Fixed potion use by MU Helper after level up
- Fixed Damage scaling at lower stats
- Fixed Mace Stun and Durability ML
- SD Gauge will now be much lower so that ML and SD potions gain more importance
- Guild members limit is now back to 80 and guilds per Alliance back to 3
- Fixed Castle Siege damage reduction

Update 9



- Fixed MUUNs dropping with Level 0 from Pumpkin of Luck. Existing MUUNs with Level 0 cannot be upgraded so we advise you to drop them into the MUUN Energy Converter
- Fixed party glitch of Maze of Dimensions 
- Increased the drop rate of MUUNs from Pumpkins slightly
- Increased the effect of Jack O'Lantern buffs (e.g. +500 HP is now +6500 HP)
- Removed crafted and Moss gear from X shop boxes (to be on par with the Web Shop)
- Added new items to X shop boxes:
    - Weapons: Pantera Claws, Rectuus Lance this shit seriously needs a new name, Devilwood Quiver, Elemental Mace
    - Armors: Tigris, Grace
- Added new Accessories Box: Shield, Pendant, Ring, Elf Quiver, Summoner Book
- Added Seed Spheres Level 7 to VP and PP sections of X Shop
- Re-enabled Scrolls of Oblivion along with a description update and significant price reduction

Update 8



- Disabled Santa Claus Invasion (do not even ask)
- Re-added Potion and Combo delay checks (benchmarked and calculated to be as natural as possible, mitigating any benefits a macro player may have)
- Fixed Halloween monsters on Non-PvP
- Reduced Halloween monsters HP
- Decreased the drop rate of Eggs from Halloween monsters
- Fixed Selupan drops
- Added Sphere drops on higher maps
- Socket items will now drop with a specific amount of sockets (2) rather than "up to 2"
- Updated the Code of Conduct
- Changed the Dark Elves in Devil Square with the correct ones

Update 7



- Reset all Skills for Master Level players
- Set the base of upcoming PvP balance
- Completed scaling the remaining ML Skills (hopefully didn't forget any)
- Nerfed Mace Stun Mastery and other percent related ML Skills
- Increased EXP in Maze to help complete missions quicker
- Reset Maze Event progress for everyone

Keep in mind that at this time ONLY the values on the server side changed, so some may not display correctly in the game client or will require at least 1 point to be added, but their effect will be based on the updated formula.

Update 6



Important: A server wide skills reset will occur within the next couple of days so we suggest holding back from buying Oblivion Scrolls.
Notice: Some bosses may seem weak now but their drops will be adjusted and end game bosses will have better drops in the next updates. So that everyone, including new players, can hunt and participate in events
- The Unsocket Seed Sphere rate is now set to 100% (up from 90%)
- Set the /offstore duration to 24h
- Increased Guild Members limit to 100
- New EXP formula with better scaling accros all levels
- New Party EXP, get proper EXP regardless of the level gap between players
- New Monster stats scaling (Very smoothly from 0 resets to Full Stats)
- New respawn times scaling
- New ML Tree scaling for full stats (90% complete)
- Disabled Transformation Ring drops - Reserved for Halloween
- Disabled Medals drop - Reserved for GM rewards and special occasions
- You will now clear PK 10 times faster and will be able to join events and use NPCs while PK, however, (non expensive) items can now drop when getting killed
- Reduced Card Piece drop rate - Better event rewards will be added soon
- Reduced Element Symbol drop rate
- Reduced max. clients / machine to 5
- Scaled Fire Scream Explosion Damage for Full Stats
- Fixed Socket items to retain Luck, Skill and Socket Count after upgrading
- Fixed majority of Items and Skills level requirements after reset (where possible)
- Added Jewels to Labyrinth Boxes
- Removed the EXP and Monster HP differences between PvP and Non-PvP

Update 5



- Increased Jewel of Life and Jewel of Soul apply rate by 12% (50% -> 62%)
- Increased Socket Bonus apply rate from 30% to 75%
- Scaled all flat Socket options including Bonus options
- Improved Zen and EXP rewards for completing DS
- Increased EXP reward for completing CC
- Increased Gates and Statue HP in BC
- Re-organized Schedule for Events: BC, DS, CC, IT, DG, CW, AG
- Re-organized Rewards for Bosses: Balgass, Dark Elf (Click here for Drop Lists)
- Re-organized Rewards for Events: BC, DS, CC, IT, DG, CW, AG
- Gold Fenrir now provides 8% Damage Increase and 5% Defense Increase
- Small Text Corrections
- Removed Last Man Standing NPC / Event
- Increased Fenrirs durability and repair rate
- Added Premium and Scrolls of Oblivion (ML Reset) to X Shop
- Increased connections limit from 2 to 8
- Increased PvP capacity by 25 slots
- Re-organized EXC Options Pool Rates
- Fixed Siege Map terrain pushback and issues
- Reduced Reflect Interruption
- Castle Siege Sealing process will now reset on death
- Enhanced Server Security

Update 4



- Loch's Feather and Crest of Monarch are now dropping in Icarus (any mob)
- Removed BA / DA / HA / Awakening exc. drops in Ferea
- Lowered Pentagram drops in Acheron and removed standalone Mithril drops
- Lowered ambiental exc. drops (includes BC)
- Increased luck rate on ambiental exc. drops
- Lowered Gemstone drop rate
- Lowered Garuda Flame drop rate
- Overall drops are now much more clean, further improvements coming soon

Update 3



- Fixed a bug with X Shop VP packages
- Enabled /offstore in Lorencia, Noria, Elveland and Loren Market (8h max.)
- Enabled Reconnect System
- Fixed Party EXP Bonus (5% / 10% / 15% / 20%), same values for Set Party (to prevent Class cherry picking)
- /post will now send to all servers
- Increased Quests EXP to x15

Update 2



- Enabled X Shop
- Added Luck and +16 on NPC items
- Added MG, DL, RF, GL items and revised all Lorencia Shops
- Added to X Shop: Talisman of Ascension, Tradable Seal, Magic Backpack, Vault Expansion, EToL, EToCA, Mini-wings
- Removed from X Shop Exe. VP Boxes: Everything except HP+DD+REF
- Removed Acheron from Warp Menu
- Increased Warp costs by * 10
- Increased Warp Levels req. for Valley of Loren and Vulcanus to 300
- Added Crywolf to Warp Menu and re-organized the menu
- Reset Maze
- Reverted CM rates back to normal (
- Increased VP rewards for completing events
- Few text corrections

Update 1



- Fixed Gens party
- Fixed Duel damage
- Fixed CryWolf timers
- Fixed small calculation error on atttack success rate for DL, RF and GL
- Fixed trading of reinforced items
- Fixed stacking of SD and AG potions
- Changed /post and /announce colors
- Changed sub-server names for better understanding when using /announce
- Increased Zen drops
- Reduced Imperial Guardian waiting times (Round: 5 min, Stand by: 1 min)
- Reduced Medals drop rate
- Reduced Golden Dragon BoKs drop from 5 to 3 - Added 1m starting Zen for new characters
- Added more spots
- Disabled Candy boxes drop (reserved for Halloween)