Update 15.3


  • Fixed Mastery items losing their Luck or options during upgrade mixes
  • Fixed disconnection issues and improved latency handling (hopefully)
  • Disabled dash-type skills when Fenrir is equipped
  • /post now costs 50m Zen
  • PK restrictions have been increased:
    • It's now more difficult to clear PK
    • Warping costs more for Warning and Outlaw 1
    • Items from the inventory will drop off when dying (up to +15, 50% Outlaw 1 / 90% Outlaw 2)
    • Max. 3 PK in normal maps
    • You can't make party while PK Outlaw 1 or 2
Update 15.2


- Fixed reported X Shop issues
- Fixed Socket weapons losing socket slots during the 380 to 400 upgrade
- Fixed EXP from 400 to 401
- Fixed various issues with items that cannot be used by Slayer
- Updated C menu descriptions and Elemental page
- Updated various tooltips to reflect actual values/contents
- Chance of Mysterious Stone to add Luck on Mastery sets is now 100%
- Updated RUUD Shop item names
Update 15.1


- You can now minimize the game to the tray using F11
- Switch UI is now available (CPU and RAM usage of main.exe is reduced in this mode)
- Completely recreated the X Shop
- Scaled the current VP amounts to match the new X Shop prices
- Master EXP increased from x15 to x50, because when we chose that value max. ML was 600 and now it's 1200!
- The "highway to hell" 770 ~ 800 EXP range has been smoothed out
- Reduced boosters of EXP and drop rate to half

- Non-PvP Premium channel added
- Reduced max. clients per computer from 5 to 3

- Fixed a random issue where it was not possible to create a selected character class
- Fixed client crash while opening cash shop in certain scenarios
- Fixed mounts visual issues after using teleport or summon
- Fixed inability to cancel a selection of buffs
- Fixed occasional HP issue in specified scenario of MU Helper use

- Reduced range of Earthshake and Electric Spike
- Increased range of Evil Spirits
- Fixed Rush skill issue while ridding a mounted pet
- Fixed Combo skill issue while ridding a mounted pet
- Fixed Combo damage not causing damage in a certain scenario
- Fixed disconnect issue when attacking with selected skill types from long distance
- Fixed delay issue for selection of skills

- Added Arena spots and test dummies
- Fixed Nix monster disappearance issue
- Fixed Devil Square monsters spawn
- Fixed an issue where monsters did not take damage if the attacker did not change its position from time to time
- Fixed EXP issue between monsters of close levels

- Added Burst Act to Eo the Craftsman (RW)
- Added Darkness Parchment and Death Side Parchment to Marce (SUM)
- Fixed RUUD price of Blue Eye Anvil
- Fixed a conflict between Zyro and Marlon NPCs may spawn in the same place at the same time

- Fixed monster counter for quests not displaying values above 255

- Fixed Death Side Parchment location at the RUUD Store

- Gremory Case items can now be claimed within 30 days
- Mastery Reward Boxes will now reward 500/700/1000 RUUD
- Labyrinth Boxes will now reward 150/200/300 RUUD
- Added back Pentagram Box and Special Grain (Slayer only) for newly created characters
- Fixed not working CTRL+Z with a selection of mount items
- Fixed disappearance of more than 1 ToCA after successful item enhancement
- Fixed EToCA does not disappear after mix completion
- Fixed ToL not applying the 10% increased mix rate
- Fixed Pet Unicorn not being equipable by Slayer
- Fixed not visible set options on selected ancient items
- Fixed selection of not working 4th wings options
- Fixed Socket items losing socket slots during the 380 to 400 upgrade
- Fixed Christmas Star not giving RUUD and VP
- Fixed Spirit Stone Chaos Combination issues
- Fixed Socket drops that would come with less than 3 sockets when pre-defined
- Fixed inability to upgrade pentagram level when trade limit it 0
- Fixed inability to repair Wings of Power
- Fixed possible issues with expired Guardian items
- Fixed Ancient Sets that do not display their options properly (still few affected)
- Fixed Golden Fenrir tooltip
- Fixed Harsh Strike mastery skill issues
- Removed ability to make 4th and 5th rank Errtels