PROPOSAL #1 has passed with 21 votes

- PK allowed anywhere in PvP server normal areas and boss areas (except for killing the elves on contracted altars during the Crywolf event)
- Increase PK limit to 50 (the reason behind keeping a limit is so a player doesn’t create a secondary char just to kill everyone afk and then log out. Someone that does that will eventually reach the limit and will have to go through the process of clearing PK)
- EXP and drop rate will be increased by 10% in PvP server
- Disable PK clearing in Non PvP server
- Added PK clear to the Web for 100 VP (later will be per VP/PK count)
- Allow PKers to make party but only in PvP server
- Allow PKers to be summoned on the Siege server
- Removed item drop upon death

For future proposals make sure to check out Discord channel.

Our Holiday Special event has ended, however, Monica will still offer the MUUN evolutions for 1 more week.

Other changes:

- Mu Helper can now stay active up to 24h but it will cost more overall.