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Made by players for players, without going bananas about professionalism and 'premium quality' nonsense.

For the next 7 days (10.10 -> 10.17) we will exchange the DSR EXC. / Socket option on items purchased from the Web Shop or X Shop ONLY.

If you're wondering why, read this article: Dear Pandorians


1. Make sure you place the items are in a vault or character that you DO NOT use, otherwise the changes will not go into effect if it is online.

2. Send an email to support@pandoramu.com as follows:

  • Title: DSR Replacement - AccountID
  • Body: List of items and their location (vault or char. name), plus the preferred replacement option for each item

Example: Dragon Knight Boots - TestDW1's Inventory - Replace with REF

Also if you have any Ancient item with Jewel of Harmony option let us know so that we can remove the option from it, in turn we'll compensate with 2 JoH / item.

You can also remove it yourself at NPC Jerridon in Aida.

WARNING: Keeping Ancients with JoH on them may lead to item removal altogether once we begin scanning for them, so we are looking forward to your co-operation to make both our lives easier.

The requests will be processed within 48h from submission, in the order they arrived.

PLEASE DO NOT send more than 1 email inquiring further information unless the term passed and you haven't heard back from us.

We are looking for fresh blood to join the following positions in our staff team:

2 Game Masters
A talented graphics designer for a new logo, website graphics, banners, launcher etc.

Do NOT bother applying if you only "think" you can do something, we need people who know what they're doing.
You can apply by October 1, so take your time and make a proper application.

[GM] What builds your score:
- First and the most important, you must be neutral while on your GM character, and reply to everyone respectfully.
- Secondly, as this is an international server, your English typing skills must be advanced and formal.
- You must have a clean record, no previous bans or various disputes with other players.
- You must know the game mechanics, PvP, monsters, events, drops, quests etc., in order to be able to offer support and help novice players.
- You must have a cool temper and be unbiased, at any time, never take things personally and act swiftly without getting into arguments.
- You must not abuse your GM privileges, like helping yourself or your friends to gain ANY advantage.
- You must be active at least 1 hour per day, to reply to tickets, and perhaps hosting some events.
- We DO NOT care if you were a GM on other servers previously or stuff of that sort.
- We DO NOT care if you donated or not.
- The kind of person you are is more important than any GM experience.

[GM] Responsibilities:
- Enforced the rules, to keep a clean and civil community
- Host various GM events
- Read and triage Support Tickets and Bug Reports
- Moderate Discord and Forums

- Include a link to your portfolio and design a sample Pandora MU logo or a 468px by 60px top site banner.

That's all, write a detailed application to ragnaros@pandoramu.com, try to convince us that you're worth the position, and then wait, you will ONLY be contacted if we are to recruit you.
Good luck!

1. Don't like something? Have some great idea that you want to see implemented?

If it is unbiased, doesn't involve custom features and is in the spirit of a fair and long-term game, create a Support Ticket and let us know!



2. Found a bug or something that is not working as it should?

Check our Bug Tracker, see if a report already exists, if not, follow the guidelines and report it.

If it is valid, we'll reward you with 100 Pandora Points per report.



3. Always check the changelog page after a maintenance:

It contains the latest updates and changes made to the server, client and website.


Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: BestTeam
Castle Lord: catala
Money: 794,981,834
Tax Hunt Zone: 250,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 21/10/2018


Status: Unprotected

Top Voters

! Reset Every Month

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 2000, 2nd: 1800, 3rd: 1600, 4th: 1400, 5th: 1200 [Pandora Points]