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Planned maintenance for OS change
Posted 02 / 12 / 2017

Server back online, we're up and running kicking the latest system updates and a whole bunch of network and database tweaks.

Everyone who was active over the course of November and had at least 1 reset, received 1000 PP.

EXP is set to x600 and drops are increased by 10% for this weekend.


Have fun and thanks for patience and faith!




Dear Pandorians,


Tomorrow, 11/30 at 06:00 AM (UTC), the server will go down for maintenance in order to change the OS on the host.

Our target is to finish within a few hours, however. this may take up to 24h hours or more depending on factors that we cannot control:

- The time it takes the support team to wipe the current OS

- The time it takes IGCN to re-activate our licenses

- The time it takes for everything to be copied over and for the new OS to fully be updated

Following this maintenance, EXP and drops will be raised by 10% for the weekend. If you have an active Premium membership, it will be extended by 1 day.


Thank you for your understanding,


Hotfix 11/28 Notes
Posted 28 / 11 / 2017

- Fixed Holyangel Set options
- Fixed Socket Combination yielding skills
- Fixed Wind Soul crashing Event Server
- Fixed Dark Phoenix Shot damage
- Fixed Premium perks on all servers (Events, Siege, not only the main one)
- Slightly increased Elf's and Summoner's base damage
- Increased DL's PvE attack rate and RF's PvP attack rate
- Increased SM and MG base defense
- Increased RF's DSR in PvP
- Enabled Steel of Heaven drop
- Disabled regular drops for Storm Blitz and Phoenix Soul sets (and former 380 items as well)
- Disabled using warps by PK
- MU Helper will now disable after 6 hours without player input
- Added health checks every 10 minutes in case of a GS crash

Full changelog:


Black Friday Promo is now LIVE!
Posted 25 / 11 / 2017

The perks have been extended and will last up to 11/27/2017 at 12:00 PM UTC as some people were restricted by banks being closed over the weekend.

25% discount on all items at the Store

+ 2 weeks (6 total) for all Premium memberships that activate today

+ Triple Valor Points reward for each Reset

+ 1x Golden Fenrir and 5x Transformation Rings for any donation of $50 or more

+ 1x Ancient Set of your choice +15+Luck (with Additional +16) for any donation of $70 or more

+ Both of the above + 1 month of Gold Premium for donations of $100 or more


Currently this is only one server.