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Noblegarden Events and Promos - ENDED
Posted 14 / 04 / 2018


Dear players,

For the next 7 days (4/6 to 4/13), we'll be running several events and promos as described below:


- Enabled the Moon Rabbit invasion (found in Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elveland, drops WereRabbit Egg with 75% rate, 1h respawn)

- Enabled the Lunar Rabbit (wrongly named Gold Rabbit) invasion (found in Kanturu, Aida, Tarkan, LT, Atlans, drops Jewels, Zen, Excellent Items, 1h respawn)

- Increased EXP by x100, Master EXP by x5 and drops by 10%

- Increased Steel of Heaven drop rates by 50% and added back Imperial Guardian bosses



- For every $14, you will receive* one of the following based on your choice: a Feather, a Crest or a Flame of Condor

- For donations of $70, you will receive* 5 Seed Spheres of your choice (plus Golden Fenrir of course)

- All supporters (email based) will be enrolled in a raffle ** that will take place next Saturday, with the big prize being a +15 Mastery Set of your choice

* On request, please email us to support@pandoramu.com or directly ask Ragnaros on our Discord channel

* The bonuses are cumulative, e.g. if you want 3 Feathers you can make a bigger donation instead of 3 x $14

** The amount or number of donations does NOT matter, everyone gets equal chances


Hotfix Deployed (mostly PvP related)
Posted 26 / 03 / 2018

- Recalculated and reduced Combo delay check (this means you can do combo a bit faster, while not giving any real advantage to macros)
- Recalculated Potion delay and adjusted so that people with lower latency will not have any advantage when qq-ing
- Recalculated all buffs and skills while trying to preserve the original formulas
- Restored default interruption rates for Reflect
- Restored defaults hard limits for EDR, CDR, REF, DSR
- Common buffs will now last 10 minutes
- Summoner Sleep, Weakness, Innovation debuffs are now capped at 10 seconds for PvP and 15 for PvM
- Fixed logic in buffs calculation that include party bonuses
- Fixed logic in skills calculation that give skill tree bonuses (such as Rage, Retaliation for GL)
- Capped attack speeds at 14336 Agility


More fine tuning and tests will be performed until we reach a decent PvP balance.

Update 2018.9
Posted 28 / 02 / 2018

- Removed Steel of Heaven drops from lesser boss monsters (and cleaned up the stocks of those who heavily abused Hell Maine)

- Fixed Medusa's drops


Steel of Heaven will now drop only from Kundun, Erohim, Nightmare, Balgass, Medusa, Selupan, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, Lord of Ferea and Knicks.

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