[Pending] Planned Maintenance
Posted 24 / 03 / 2017

Tonight at 01:00 UTC the server will temporarily go offline for updates and maintenance.

Some of the pending changelog notes include:

- X Shop

- Nerfed DL and RF damage

- On-screen Message when a Boss or Golden Monster is killed

- Increased Jewel of Life apply rate

- Increased 3rd Wings Mix rate by 10%

- Our server's timezone will change from UTC to GMT, as 99% of our players region follow DST and will be better for all of us


This post may be updated with more information if time allows.


Thank you for your understanding,


[NEW] Changelog 19 March
Posted 19 / 03 / 2017

- Fixed Ice Storm range
- Fixed item drop ownership for specific monsters
- Fixed no options Wings mix issue
- Fixed server crash related to Castle Siege
- Fixed skill effects in friendly fire and non-PvP areas
- Fixed Pamela and Angela potion vendors in Deep Loren
- Fixed Castle Switches positions
- Increased HP of Gates, Statues and Towers at Castle Siege 
- Increased Mana Shield by 1%
- Increased Swell Life by 1%
- Increased BK damage by 1%
- Increased SM damage and defense by 10%
- Increased Elf damage and defense by 10%
- Increased RF damage by 2% (Dark Side by 5%)
- Increased GL damage by 3% (Shining Peak by 74%)


This is currently applied as a hot-patch only to the Siege server, for the regular server will be applied during the next planned maintenance.

[NEW] Changelog 10 March
Posted 10 / 03 / 2017

// Server
- Increased "2nd target" damage for Chain Lightning by 5%
- Increased Zen cost for Warping using the Event Notification
- Increased Dark Elf and Balgass HP
- Improved all stats of top tier monsters, to scale better with the player stats, some bosses will require teamwork, buffs and debuffs!
- Reduced overall PvP damage for all classes
- Disabled Reconnect System until further update
- Disabled Socket item drops from regular monsters (such as in Raklion)
- Fixed joining events with 2 accounts
- Fixed downloading updates everytime the game starts
- Host/OS Maintenance and Updates
- Improved Network Response
- Increased drop rate of 2.5 Wings ingredients
- Fixed Blood Castle 5 EXP and Drops
- Reduced Dark Elf (Trainee) respawn time to 10 minutes, down from 3 hours
- Fixed Core Magriffy attack range
- Fixed Golden Invasions time
- Fixed Death King invasion

// Website
- Removed Coordinates, Inventory and Account Information from Character details page
- Fixed Ring of Ice options

Network Drops Notice
Posted 03 / 03 / 2017

Dear pandorians,


After a firmware update of our network equipment, we are experiencing random connection drops, caused the a malfunctioning SIPS service.


We are currently working on a fix and it will be applied during our next maintenance.

Thank you.

[NEW] Changelog 01 March
Posted 09 / 03 / 2017

// Website and Forum
- Fixed Store issues with displaying Ancient items (shouldn't be purchasable)
- Fixed Accessories tab in the Store and enabled Level and +Option for Rings and Pendants
* Previously purchased Rings and Pendants will be upgraded automatically
- Removed duplicates of several items from the Store
- General forum cleanup
- Fixed and added more forum and website permissions for our Game Masters
- Fixed Recruit a Friend rewards for multiple recruits
- Enabled Voting and Vote Rewards (with monthly reward for top 10 voters)

// Game Server
- Fixed Kundun and Selupan drop catalog
- Fixed Pentagrams and Mithril Drops
- Decreased Monster's damage in Swamp and Acheron
- Fixed 2.5 Wings ingredients drops
- Fixed Golden Goblin spawn and enabled Summoning Books
- Fixed more "stuck on map" issues, hopefully all of them
- Fixed 2nd joining account on Event maps and Crywolf
- Corrected Damage for Skills with ML improvements
- Increased effect of Life Swell and Elf buffs
- Increased damage for Elf, Summoner and Dark Wizard
- Increased PK clearing difficulty, was waaay too easy

// Staff
- Due to the latest tensions in our community, Demi will no longer be active as a Game Master.

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