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Latest Rev.: Oct 31, 2014

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Connect Server: On
Server-1 (PvP): On
Server-2 (Non-PvP): On
Server-3 (Premium): On
Online Players: 253

castle siege status

Owners alliance: Defiance
War on Sunday at 3:00 PM UTC(0)

We are now recruiting new hard working GMs! We need helpful, dedicated and willing people for a long term commitment. As a Game Master you are expected to work at least 4 hours per day. You also need a lot of patience to stay professional in any situation.
Please keep this commitment in mind when applying. Furthermore:

  • You should be 18 years or older.
  • Be fluent in English (If you speak any other languages, please don't forget to mention this in your application.)
  • Be knowledgeable about MU Online itself and of course the specifics and differences of PandoraMU.
  • You must be an active member of our community for at least 30 days.
  • You should never reveal your in-game identity except in this application, for privacy and fair game reasons.

We are also looking for a talented graphics designer for website seasonal updates, promotions, banners, news and such.

Send your application to, we do not offer a format, but instead we require you to make a clean and professional request including as much important information as you consider, this as well contributes to our decision in accepting your application.

If your application is accepted, you will receive an answer to your e-mail, if NOT, please do NOT spam or insist.

Good luck and hope to see you soon on our staff team

Update [31.10.2014]
We have reworked all classes damages and defenses.
My idea was to nerf down the values, I bet you were all sick of damages of millions and hundreds of thousands.

The new settings are carefully calculated on full stats, naked, 0 ML characters so they are all nicely balanced in terms of defense and damage.
Our new system scales damage and defense more properly from 0 resets to full stats, so it doesn't create that huge gaps and huge numbers on the screen.
The differences will be seen in player's skill, ML build, and of course item gears.

Buffs have been also completely readjusted and are now a lot more useful, if previously they seemed almost transparent now they are made to encourage team work and constant buffing, especially in Castle Siege and PvP events.

I consider this a real success in terms of PvP updating.

Of course it needs testing in real situations such as guild wars, Castle Siege.
AND WILL BE ADJUSTED according to the feedback provided, so don't panic if something goes wrong at first.

Other fixes:
- Fixed AA weapons disappearing
- Fixed MU helper prevention in several maps
- Increased Socket Sets defensive attributes, they should now be equal to their EXC counterparts
- Potion limiter is now set to 250 ms instead of 300, now you can drink 4 potions / second
* Since only 5% of our players have latency higher than 250 ms

More updates coming up after Castle Siege
Thanks for your understanding and support and enjoy playing!

Dear players,

We have fixed our latest issues with Xtremetop100 and topg voting times, everything is fine now.

The new voting system works like this:
Type 1, with no verification possible:

  • Xtremetop100: -> Reward = ValidVotes/TotalVotes * 10
  • TopG: -> Reward = ValidVotes/TotalVotes * 10

Type 2, Verification done automatically on the vote site by postback:

  • Top100arena: -> Reward: 20 coins (since its every 24 hours and not 12)
  • gtop100: -> Reward: 10 coins

The new system has 100% accuracy, if it doesn't reward you it means either you didn't vote correctly or you have already voted in the past 12/24 hours.

Even so, the sites with verification (Top100Arena and gtop100) will inform if your captcha was bad or if the vote was successful, so if it tells you the captcha is bad, try again until you get it right.

We just tested and got rewarded in all topsites, if your vote times got are no longer synchronized after the recent fix, then take a pause from voting for 24 hours (or from voting on certain tops) until you get them all cooldowns at the same time.

We reward votes! Not attempts at voting!

// Update 13 August

- Fixed PK bug
- Fixed Cherry Mix failure
- Fixed RF Stamina ML Skill
- Fixed ~ STAFF chat
- Revamped DSR system for PvP, now works "more correctly", you'll love it

Sorry for the delay!
More updates are in the making, stay tuned ;)

Run PandoraMU.exe to update your client, else you won't be able to play.

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