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Latest Rev.: Oct. 24, 2015

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Connect Server: On
Server-1 (PvP): On
Server-2 (Non-PvP): On
Server-3 (Premium): On
Online Players: 99

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Owners alliance: EquaL
War on Sunday at 3:00 PM UTC(0)

[24 October] Halloween Promo

[May 13, 2015] Best Screenshots of our community

Dear pandorians,

We are planning to facelift the website design and I thought it was a good idea to use a collage of in-game screenshots as background, to give our guilds and players a way to be remembered and to make the website feel more alive and welcome for new players.

No specific conditions, just common sense and of course the pictures must be from while playing PandoraMU (from past seasons as well, with the exception of those who were used in previous events), you may add a maximum of 5 screenshots to your archive.
Place the screenshot(s) in a <YourCharacterName>.zip archive and add it as attachment into your post here.

The best 3 screenshots will be winning:
I. 1 month of Gold Premium or 2000 credits
II. 1 month of Silver Premium or 1500 credits
III. 1 month of Bronze Premium or 1000 credits

For guild and friends screenshots the reward is is split on request, for example, 4 players winning the 1st place reward will result in 1 week and 500 credits for each.

A little hint, use maximum resolution and 32 bit graphic setting, for NVIDIA users drag the 3D settings slider to Quality for when you are making the screenshots, restore it to default after.

Let your imagination flow and good luck!

The event ends on 27 May, 2015, and the winners will be announced in the weekend after that.

[May 8, 2015] Top Voter Event

In order encourage voting and thank our attentive players, from now on and every Friday, we will reward the top voter of the week with a 7 days Silver Premium subscription.

This week's winner is:


Enjoy ;)

[April 19, 2015] Clearing some things up

Dear pandorians,


It has come to our attention that lately some misinformed or bad intended players are spreading rumours of an upcoming wipe.

This information is untrue, and for us it's hilarious, the word wipe didn't even "visit" our thoughts... until now! Joking :D


Well, there will NOT BE any wipe or anything like that.


As for the also rumoured Season 10 update, that is not even in development yet.
We will have Season 10, sometime in the future, late 2015 or next year.


For now we have started working on more vital parts of the server that influence gameplay, economy and the well being of the community, such as spots, drops, bosses strenghts etc., and only after we are done with our current to do list we will move forward to developing the new season.

Even when the Season 10 update will arrive to PandoraMU it will be a simple update like any other, only with a little client patching needed, private server admins who claim they need to wipe the database when they update to a new season are either complete liars or totally unapt, or both.


Hope this sorted out your concerns, cheers!

14 December Update

Preparations for today's Castle Siege:

We won't bother you with technical details!

After 6 hours of intense testing with the help of [MM]Grim, we did this.
We took each class one by one, AGAIN, analyzed their problems and tried to cut down high values of DMG to give more survivability in PvP as well as provide the best scalability from 0 resets to max. stats.

Each Class has been tested versus Each Class, with 0 ML, and EXC identical sets, using their best skills.
Our focus was to give more base defense and damage to each class, and less dependability on buffs, except for mana shield, all buffs have been significantly reduced, they are lower but are still very important bonuses, and cumulated are vital in teamfights, such as Castle Siege.

For now, this is the most perfect balance we've ever created in PandoraMU, and hope you'll love it at tomorrow's Siege battle.

Other fixes:
- Fixed an important bug when after registering the seal, the defender/attacker flags got inverted and allies could attack each other
- Fixed RF HP and DSR buffs (you now get 140K+ HP)
- Fixed Sapi-Uno and Sapi-Duo respawn
- Nerfed Berserkers spots, they yield waaay too much EXP compared to other Kanturu spots
- Fixed [MM] chat going into Gens
- MU helper tax will now multiply by 10 for every stage
- Implemented "Kundun Logout System", teleports you back to Lorencia if you logout in Kalima, to prevent Kundun spawn ambushing and encourage use of tickets
* Thanks to D2janar for the idea!

Upcoming planned updates for Sunday AFTER the Siege:
- We have finished the new X shop
- Enabling of Christmas events and NPCs, Santa Village etc.
- ML Spots
- Raised mining rates
- Verifying Doppelganger and Imperial Fort drops, so they can be safely played by everyone
- And much more I'm too sleepy to remember right now :(

Happy holidays pandorians!

[1 December 2014]
We are now recruiting for our staff team

We are now recruiting new hard working GMs! We need helpful, dedicated and willing people for a long term commitment. As a Game Master you are expected to work at least 4 hours per day. You also need a lot of patience to stay professional in any situation.
Please keep this commitment in mind when applying. Furthermore:

  • You should be 18 years or older.
  • Be fluent in English (If you speak any other languages, please don't forget to mention this in your application.)
  • Be knowledgeable about MU Online itself and of course the specifics and differences of PandoraMU.
  • You must be an active member of our community for at least 30 days.
  • You should never reveal your in-game identity except in this application, for privacy and fair game reasons.

We are also looking for 1 forum moderator and a talented graphics designer to fit our seasonal needs, for promotions, banners, news and such.

Send your application to, we do not offer a format, but instead we require you to make a clean and professional request including as much important information as you consider, this as well contributes to our decision in accepting your application.

If your application is accepted, you will receive an answer to your e-mail, if NOT, please do NOT spam or insist.

Good luck and hope to see you soon on our staff team ;)

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