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Latest Rev.: July 24, 2014

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server status

Connect Server: On
Server-1 (PvP): On
Server-2 (Non-PvP): On
Server-3 (Premium): On
Online Players: 274

castle siege status

Owners alliance: NewAge
War on Sunday at 3:00 PM UTC(0)

// Update 24 July

- Added Non-PvP and Premium Channels
- Enabled Donations Page
- Fixed Dark Elf respawn time
- Fixed Cherry Blossom NPC
- Fixed Doppelganger Warp but Disabled the event
* I tested and in 5 minutes maxed my ML and Zen, will sort it out tomorrow, now taking a break...
- Fixed Acheron NPC/Spawns
- Fixed Kundun Drops (+Heras Sphinx...)
- Fixed Selupan Drops
- Added Pandora Pick to NPC Bolo in Karutan
- Spawned Mining locations (visible with Pick equipped only)
- Fixed DL/MG shops
- Fixed Moss
- Added more HP/Damage to Kundun/Selupan/Medusa etc.
- Moved Chocolate Box items to Medal Drops
- Disabled Chocolate Box Drops (we will keep them for Valentines day events)

Report to us anything unusual you find or suggest us something, we want everything to start and remain PERFECT!

Have fun!
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