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04 September 2016 - PandoraMU's 9th Anniversary

Dear Pandorians,


It’s been a while. Honestly, I’m not sure we even know, when’s PandoraMU’s anniversary? We’ve celebrated on various dates in September, but we estimate that somewhere around the 4th of September our server was officially online, and the word began to spread.


So now, for our 9th birthday, we would like to thank you for having interest in visiting our community, playing on our server, and supporting its existence and evolution across all these years.


PandoraMU is here for several reasons, and not for several other reasons. And we do know some of our players know this, but for the rest, well… we at least hope you’ll appreciate.

It's a private MU Online server which started as a hobby, created out of pure will by Ragnaros (me), not for testing “MU files”, not because someone asked me to, and definitely not to gain profit, unlike sadly, too many other private server owners out there do, those who specially bought some files, and setup their server to get donations out of it, and they even claim to be "professional", and while these claims are funny, there are several people out there who own not 1, not 2, but even 5 servers, each one with multiple sub-servers… and guess what happens? These servers wipe their database at fixed intervals, in such manner that their players shift from one server to another, and when their previous server goes so empty it doesn’t have any more players left on it, they wipe it, and so on, it’s an ugly cycle of “Grand openings” that players aren’t really aware of, and as annoying as it may sound I will not point out these servers here. But even you can see that, at a quick glance on is not hard to see the resemblance on most of the servers out there. Greedy bastards, I know right? Well, fudge them! We have more important things to focus on, for our beloved Pandorians community and server.


Our community is like a family, friendships were forged, that extend beyond the purpose of the game, we even have people who met their significant other here. We never had something to hide from our players, or reasons to deceive them. The only things that were partially untrue were my updates schedule, but there are strictly personal reasons behind that, and the lack of synchronization with the development or with the staff team, while the other one, probably a server setting or two, regarding rates, which were presented in different values to the players, for the simple fact that unless you know how the server formulas work, such settings would seem bad, so we had to “lie” about some values to make them sound logical to what the players know.


We also know that players are afraid that the server may be closing soon or that an imminent database wipe is about to happen. Seriously guys? Where do you get your information from? I’m pretty sure I don’t have an evil alter ego :D

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as long as we have players and people who support the server’s monthly costs (which can vary from $480 to $600), depending on the provider’s discount for that month and how much budget can be invested in advertising.

So stop being afraid and paranoid! Look what these two have led to, less population and several people afraid to donate. Why?! Because some random guy said the server may close or that an inexistent wipe may be coming. For as long as our community will remain strong and united, I’ll do my best, in the free time I can find, to improve the gameplay of our server, the website experience and the community in general, I have tons of lines on my to-do list for every bit that represents this server and community (server, client, website, forum, social media etc.), I know there’s no such thing as perfect, but until we’re all done with this and that, to the point where there’s nothing left to be improved, we will stay strong.

And when that time comes, we’ll see if we can find a good developer for a new season and content, or else we have no choice but to go mainstream like all the servers out there and buy files from developer teams, but again, keep in mind that’s only our last resort, only after we are done with optimizing every aspect of the current version. And even then we’ll do our best to migrate everything we can. So unless a brick falls on my head, PandoraMU is here to stay!

Thank you,


Server Anniversary Mode is now on! More details and events schedule can be found here.